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We are JumpStart Leads! The best source for instant commercial insurance leads (x-dates).

Forget telemarketing to get your x-dates! Who has time for that? Plus, the average telemarketing lead can cost $15, $20 or even more. With JumpStart Leads you pay pennies on the dollar in comparison and you get your leads within hours!

Every successful producer knows that the secret to success in this business is to make sales and to continuously gather x-date information on new potential customers. It is truly a numbers game. Having a qualified lead based on industry, location and size and knowing business x-dates is the first step in securing a successful appointment. Knowing these renewal dates can put you ahead of your competition. Within minutes of purchasing your new lead list you could be talking to prospects who are actively shopping their insurance right now.

Using JumpStart Leads is easy. Simply follow the directions beginning with the Start Here button from the homepage and you’ll have leads delivered to your desktop right away. Imagine… you can have hundreds of new business leads at your finger tips quickly and easily. And this isn’t just an ordinary list of businesses: It is a list of business with x-dates, employee size and carrier information, in areas and industries that you want to target! Order your leads today and begin working on new business appointments immediately. JumpStart your sales efforts and get a JUMP on the competition!

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